How to stay on track with your fitness goals during the Holidays.

While the Holidays may look different this year as we continue to navigate a global pandemic it is likely that whatever normalcy you have found will be interrupted. Today the whole team at Omnia wants to give you some tips and tools to stay on track with your goals while also enjoying this time of the year guilt free with loved ones.


Depending who you are you may have a different mindset and approach to the holidays. Some of us will feel guilty for not working out or eating holiday food that we forget to be present and enjoy this time. While others of us may take the all or nothing approach and completely stop training or eating in a supportive way to continue chasing our goals.


The thing is you can enjoy yourselves and also continue to work towards your goals so that come the new year you are ready to hit the ground running. While training may look different this time of year we really want you to consider doing the best you can so that you don’t take steps backward. Check out these tips from coaches to guide you to success!


Make a Plan

“Attempt to plan. If you know you have a yummy meal with your family in the evening, have your breakfast and lunches planned out to stay on track. One indulgent meal doesn’t have to lead to an indulgent day…or two.” -Mo


Failing to plan is planning to fail. And Mo makes a great point that while you should enjoy yourselves it does not mean you have to succumb to an “all or nothing” approach. The goal is to make the best choices you can. 


Find Accountability

“If you’re traveling home to see family, find a friend/family member to commit to working out with you and make sure you plan ahead days and times you’re going to workout together to hold each other accountable.” -Dylan


You already know how powerful accountability is by being a part of a community of like minded individuals. Performing a workout in a class will always push you harder than doing one solo. Even if working out during the holidays looks like going for a walk, reach out to friends or family to do it with you to hold you accountable.  


Consistency is Key

“Forgive yourself and move on. If you have a bad meal or day of eating, don’t beat yourself up. Just try to be better the next meal or day. It’s about consistency over time.” -Shacie


When you look back on your life it’s likely you won’t wish you had eaten perfect food during the holiday season of 2020. Which is why again we want to preach that it’s a balance this time of year. Live a little and also pick your battles between staying on track and completely going off the rails. And at the end of the day give yourself some grace and enjoy yourself.


Remember something is better than nothing. 

“WALK – If you don’t feel like working out, or don’t have access to equipment then go for 2-3 walks a day! Post meal walks will help with digestion as well. Be sure to get enough protein – it’s harder during the Holidays because of all the goodies around, but it will help curb cravings!” – Elisa


Your training and eating habits likely won’t look the same during this time and THAT’S OKAY! Simply just choose to do the best you can with what you have. Something as simple as walking could make a big difference this Holiday season. Another great point Elisa makes is having a goal of eating your protein goal rather than worrying about the things you can’t have. 


Progress not Perfection

“Eat proteins and greens first, then heavy carbs then dessert if you still want it. It’s really easy to follow and doesn’t feel restrictive!” – Megan


We aren’t telling you not to indulge at all, we are simply saying that having some dessert is better than ALL the dessert. Megan makes a great recommendation here to fill up on the “good” (Healthier) options first. This way you are less likely to overeat the treats, but can still enjoy them at the same time. 


Get Clear on Your Goals

At the end of the day this is all individualized to where you are at in life and what matters. If you are training to be a professional athlete then you want to consider being more restrictive and prioritize training over late nights out and over consumption. If your goals are to live a healthy and active lifestyle then eat the damn pie Karen! Missing a day or week of training will not kill you in the long run. That being said, thinking about the future and where you want to be in January can help dictate your choices and how important training or diet will be for you.”


In summary we hope some of these tips help you navigate this holiday season to have a great time with friends and family all while doing the best you can to be where you want to be in the new year.

-Coach Taylor


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