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DID YOU KNOW… One of the things we pride ourselves on at Omnia is offering a variety of services to better help our clients. We start the same with all of our members and yet we realize there is no one size fits all approach for everyone. In the beginning we get to know the goals of our members which creates the roadmap to their success in health & fitness.


Among the many things we offer such as group classes, personal training, nutrition coaching, physical therapy and mindset coaching is Individualized Programming. Today I’m going to highlight the who, what, when, where and why of individualized programming. It’s not for everyone, but it just might be for you and it’s a premium service we offer. 


After all you may have seen your friends in the Open get their first bar muscle ups, or people around you lifting more weight. And you think to yourself: man I want to do that. And I’m here to tell you that you can! But first you must understand the time it will take to learn new skills and the purpose behind the class programming. Then if you have the time and are willing to put in the extra work, then individualized programming could be the fast track you are looking for. 


Before we dive into individualized programming let me breakdown what it looks like to train at Omnia then we can dive into what extra programming looks like. The focus of health & fitness in  our gym is built around the group classes which are created based on the CrossFit Methodology. We believe that constantly varied functional fitness in a group atmosphere is one of the best and most effective ways to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.


Every class is an hour long where you will be led through a warm up, strength work for the day and a conditioning session that combines multiple components at high intensity to give you the most bang for your back. We look at our class program as the best GPP (general physical preparedness) program out there. If you follow this consistently you will get stronger, improve flexibility, get better cardio and meet a host of new friends!


Ultimately this foundation will prepare you for anything you want to do in life and it is the most bang for your buck combining strength, gymnastic and traditional cardio movements within the workouts. And it becomes so easy to stay motivated and consistent when you push hard in a group setting with others. After all misery loves its company.


But there is one area where many can miss the mark. They want it all and they want it now. However CrossFit as a fitness regimen is meant to be progressive for the long haul. It’s a low trajectory on a distant horizon. If you think about a slope on a graph it is a steady progression over time. We want you to be fitter in 10 years not just 3 months.


So if we talk back to your goals about doing gymnastic movements, snatching your bodyweight, crushing conditioning workouts or walking on your hands then it really comes down to progressions. And the honest truth is that the class programming will get you there. But again remember: It’s a low trajectory on a distant horizon. Crossfit is really meant to be slow cooked like your favorite Sunday dinner. You try to do too much too soon and that’s where burnout or injury occurs. And it partly depends on your prior training experience as to how fast you can progress. After all, you have to go to high school before you go to college.


In summary this is the intent and format of the class program. Also keep in mind that optimal nutrition, sleep and lifestyle habits are crucial to hitting your goals. With a group program followed by lots of individuals it’s never going to be perfect for everyone and we understand that. Which is why we continue to evaluate and implement new methods like having several programming tracks to help people meet their needs (Health, Fitness, Performance).


Okay now what you’ve been waiting for: where does Individualized Programming come into play? Well if you are serious about your goals, have extra time to train and have very specific goals you want to hit then we offer individualized programming as an add on to your membership. This could be people who want to compete locally or competitively and for any individual who wants to maximize their potential.


We created this because we realize that a perfect program is one that is individualized. And the accessory programming we offer is meant to complement that class workouts by targeting specific needs of the individual to help them continue to have success and fill in the gaps they are missing.


We believe so much in the group classes that it truly is an accessory to training. All of our individualized programming members follow the group classes as the meat and potatoes of their workout. Then from there we individualize the rest of their training to help improve skills, strength or conditioning as needed. The group program serves as the foundation as well as keep it fun, improve motivation and push members by competing in the class setting. 


At the end of the day we believe this model of group fitness + individualized accessory is about as perfect as it can get combining the fun and competitive nature of being in a group alongside a program tailored to your needs. So if you feel like you want to take your training to the next level send us a message to find out what coaches have availability and to setup an initial consult to learn more!


Coach Taylor



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