Workout Wednesday 5.6.20

Barbell Strength 

Overhead Squat

Accumulate 20 Reps

The goal is going as heavy as possible, taking no more than 4 sets to complete. The minimum sets would be 4 x 5, but you may want to start with a 6 or 7, then drop reps as you get more fatigued. Target 10-20lbs heavier than last week

Lower Body Strength (No Equipment) 

4 x 6 Lateral Lunges (Each Leg) 

Lower Body Strength (With Equipment)

4 x 6 Goblet Lateral Lunges (Each Leg) 

*Use DB/KB or odd objects to load these and add difficulty.

Conditioning (No Equipment)

3 Rounds: 

20 Odd Object Thrusters

20 Box/Bench Step ups

-directly into-

3 Rounds

20 Odd Object Clean & Jerk

20 Lateral Burpees Over DB

*Grab a water jug, filled backpack or any odd object at home to perform ground to overhead. 

Conditioning (With Equipment)

3 Rounds: 

20 Single DB/KB Goblet Thrusters

20 Single DB/KB Box Step Ups

-directly into-

3 Rounds

20 DB/KB Hang Clean & Jerk

20 Lateral Burpees Over DB


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